New Design - Same Values

Following a careful analysis carried out internally, SV Consulting decided to renew its visual identity.

The project was born with the aim of making a clear change, one that would enhance the company’s strengths and make it immediately recognisable with respect to its field of action.

Thanks to the intervention of Claudia Aversa, creative director of Bubble’s magazine, a logo with clean lines and evocative in relation to the activity carried out, i.e. the design of wine cellars, was studied.

After an initial work on the lettering to fix the concepts on which to focus – strategy | vision | consultancy – we moved on to the evaluation of a colour that could be both reassuring and contemporary.

Tones of green immediately seemed the most suitable choice to emphasise the deep connection with nature and the environment in which a production plant is usually located.

The vibrant intensity of the colour then inspired the realisation of an abstract image recalling a two-level construction.

We opted for the use of thick parallel bars to communicate the technical rigour and solidity that distinguish the company in carrying out the three operational phases: preliminary plan
definitive and executive.

To complete, the reflection of three bordeaux bottles, wisely placed at the base of the ideogram to recall the specificity of the sector.

On the whole, the text and the image have been calibrated in such a way as to make the division of space harmonious and allow extreme versatility of application on any medium, paper or digital.

This is how SVC Winery Project was born, which will take the company’s thirty years of experience and its young team of diverse professionals into the
the future, making its peculiarities even more evident and allowing direct and effective communication with the target audience.

A renewed image, therefore, that preserves all the distinctive features of its know-how and clearly traces the path and awareness with which it intends to face the next challenges.

Pantone logo SVC winery Project
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