Between floods and rebirth: the wineries of Emilia Romagna promote their economic development

After the floods that affected Emilia Romagna in May, the economic disruptions and serious damage to agricultural production, local wineries planned initiatives throughout the region with the aim of getting the wine sector moving again.

On the occasion of the Frizz’arte event, organised on 27 July by the Forlì Predappio Winery, the SVC gathered the entire team to visit old colleagues and customers, planning a tour of the wineries they had built and worked with over the years.

The trip allowed us to appreciate their evolution over time and to observe these realities in the delicate moment preceding the harvest, characterised by the strong joy and hope of bestowing an excellent fruit, this year more precious than ever considering the danger of root asphyxia on the vines.

The social wine cellar of Forlì Predappio, awarded one of the oldest in Italy by Fedagri-Confcooperative, was founded in 1908 and boasts a plant equipped with modern technology and spaces suitable for the vinification of around 500,000 quintals of grapes, conferred by more than 2,500 associated winegrowers.

The General Manager, Bruno Ranieri, guided us inside the production heart of the winery where state-of-the-art equipment goes hand in hand with scrupulous analytical controls, guaranteeing high production standards that are often not taken for granted in association with such large volumes. The company has developed exponentially in a short period of time also thanks to the close collaboration with the Gruppo Caviro in quality projects, confirming, after more than a century in business, its intent to improve and grow.

From the tastings, in fact, we were able to understand the level of selection and experimentation carried out upstream and the consequent enhancement of the final product. With great satisfaction we appreciated the excellent results achieved.

The investment in modern technologies is made possible thanks to the cooperative business model, which allows important income prospects and represents, in today’s increasingly dynamic market, the strength of aggregation.

The spirit of its founding members is respected and elevated by emphasising ancient grape varieties (Albana, Cagnina, Rubicone, Pagadebit, Trebbiano and Sangiovese) in an attempt to develop a new local wine-growing project, which we believe has been successful!

The atmosphere inside the park that hosted the event was welcoming and friendly, and allowed us, during the tasting, to come into contact with a series of skilled artisans and local gastronomic products presented in the form of street food, all to the notes of a delightful complex twist.

As always, the warmth of this wonderful land gave us an unforgettable moment.

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