Inauguration of Pharmanutra in Pisa

Yesterday, Thursday 5 October, saw the inauguration of the new headquarters of PharmaNutra, a Pisa-based company active in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector recently listed on the Euronext STAR Milan segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.

The new facility, of about 15 thousand square metres between indoor and outdoor spaces, represents one of the most innovative nutritional research and development laboratories in Europe.

A pole designed with an eco-friendly perspective, able to fit discreetly into the splendid setting of the nearby San Rossore Park.

The volumes, with their clean and essential lines, leave room for large windows and slits of light designed to ensure the well-being of the people working inside and to enhance all the materials, areas and paths.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the new headquarters celebrated the rapid and remarkable growth of the company, which recently entered the American market to further expand its sales network, already present in over 70 countries.

Roberto Lacorte, CEO and co-founder, also invited the SVC Winery Project, which has been following his very personal wine project for three years, to attend the event.

An elite production of only 800 bottles, which well represents the stubbornness and focus of the entrepreneur, capable of passion and excellence in various fields.

The technologies made available to the ‘micro-cellar’ have been studied ad hoc, allowing the grapes, mainly Sangiovese, from the few rows of vines to be exploited to the full.

A sort of garden, carefully tended with the sole objective of sharing the moment of harvesting and processing as if it were a convivial, familiar… intimate occasion.

And so is the identity of his wines, which represent the emblem of this vision.

Matured in amphorae or in wood, Rosso di Luna thus testifies to the desire to make something unique and refined, to give to friends or to sublimate the achievement of important goals.

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