Inauguration of Cantine Lunae

On 10 June 2023, the new complex of the Cantine Lunae was inaugurated, owned by the Bosoni family, winegrowers with sixty years of history who are famous for the excellent development of the Colli di Luni Vermentino.

The result comprises four volumes built from scratch for a total of five thousand square metres and is the result of five years of planning and seven years of construction, with an investment of nine million euro.

The main idea that guided the project was the creation of a refined and functional space that would highlight the inseparable relationship between man and nature.

In fact, the building does not deviate from the latter in terms of colour and bulk, tending to incorporate it, where possible, underground.

The choice of materials also follows this aspiration, giving space to corten steel with its changing hues, stone and laminated wood on the ceilings.

The large windows from which nature peeps out reflect the indoor and outdoor environments depending on the vantage point and mix representative and working spaces, transporting the visitor into hybrid environments and the worker to centre stage.

The natural light was designed to emphasise the lines of contemporary architecture and all the material details that describe the synergy between earth and wine.

With this in mind, simulations of ‘underground greenery’ were created with alder trunks, terrariums, vines and projections of images and sounds of the farmer’s activity in carrying out the main operations in the field.

The open connections thus realise the community’s desire to combine art and concrete production, while remaining discreet and respectful of the surrounding area.

SVC Winery Project in the design of the oenological part has also gone along with this concept by inserting oak barrels and ceramic amphorae in the room used for ageing in wood and arranging them in such a way as to facilitate racking operations and the possible flow of visitors.

The technical areas and laboratories have been designed to maximise workers’ well-being and are equipped with the best technology on the market.

All the machinery and tools have been chosen with the aim of raising the profile of the wines and optimising the work performance of the employees, such as the 60 temperature-controlled steel tanks that allow fermentation according to the characteristics of the grape varieties and wines.

Temperature management for decanting the wine is largely guaranteed by the geothermal system with horizontal probes in the basement, the photovoltaic system and the choice of panels with a high thermal coefficient.

With sixty-five hectares of vineyards, subdivided into small parcels, and a production of around 500,000 bottles, Cantine Lunae is therefore investing in a sustainable future and is one of the most important wine producers in Liguria.

Inaugurazione Cantine Lunae tavola imbandita all'esterno
Cantine Lunae dettaglio vetrata esterna
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