Participation in Cibus Tec 2023

For eighty years, one of the most innovative events in the food and beverage sector has been held in Parma.

It is a highly specialised trade fair where you can keep up to date with emerging technologies related to the food industry.

With five dedicated pavilions and an exhibition area of 120,000 square metres, the event recreates highly automated lines to allow visitors to see entire product processing and packaging phases in action.

The initiative, called Cibus Tec Industry, allows interested parties to come into contact with the real workings of the machines, counting on a growing number of partners.

With the aim of interacting with experts in the sector and acquiring new skills, the SVC Winery Project also participated in the event and interfaced with the best manufacturing excellences of the food industry, with particular reference to wineries and oil mills.

At the centre of the debate is the theme of ‘responsible’ design that takes into account not only the optimisation of spaces, but also the choice of the best materials and equipment to minimise running costs and achieve high quality standards.

Toughened gratings with new shapes that prevent the accumulation of dirt, antibacterial plastics treated with silver ions, easy-to-maintain tools for sanitising incoming production lines, increasingly advanced product selection technologies using artificial intelligence, are just some of the innovations on show during these days.

Another extremely interesting aspect of the fair was getting to know some of the most promising research and development projects in the food industry.

The group of start-ups that were selected presented their innovations in dialogue with the companies that, in turn, proposed alternative applications of these technologies, depending on the industrial sector they belong to.

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